Solar energy is an increasingly important part of the sustainable energy mix as the cost of solar power generation falls.  IEA handles renewable energy projects with ease, and we’re helping our clients shape the solar energy revolution.   Having already firmly established itself as a leading contractor in Wind Power Construction across North America, our team has channeled the same expertise and focus for project management and cost control to deliver customer satisfaction to the increasing solar power industry.   We are able to provide a complete variety of services to our clients for solar power projects that fit a diverse range of needs and location constraints for the solar installations of tomorrow.

As an experienced self-performing EPC contractor, IEA has taken the lead in utility scale solar projects across North America. IEA has installed over 600 MW of utility scale solar projects using a variety of technologies, including Photovoltaic crystalline and thin film modules, as well as fixed and tilt-mounted solar modules with single and dual-axis tracking systems. Whatever the size, location and terrain complexities of your project, our team will work to complete your installation on time and within budget to maximize the return on your investment through the abundance of this amazing natural resource.


  • Feasibility studies and resource analysis
  • Financial analysis and procurement capabilities
  • Site planning including storm water management
  • Electrical design for low voltage and high voltage
  • Racking system design and installation
  • Foundation design and installation
  • Photovoltaic (PV) systems
  • Assembly and erection
  • Underground cabling installation
  • Permits and approvals
  • Substation and interconnection facilities

Our Experience = Your Advantage

Full Engineering Investigations on Every Project

IEA performs full site engineering investigations on every solar project in order to properly manufacture piling for each project.  Through these geological studies, our team is able to develop a plan specifically to address soil conditions on each site in order to eliminate risk and ensure timely delivery of every solar project we build.

Quality Control Standards

IEA utilizes a field management software program where our quality team can manage turnover documents from the beginning of construction all the way through testing and commissioning of the project.  This includes any punchlist items and the necessary completion sign-offs.  All work is in accordance with engineered drawings supplied by a licensed engineering company.

Completed documentation includes the following items:

  • Proper site layout according to engineered drawings
  • The construction of access roads and the necessary compaction requirements
  • The excavation and construction of inverter pads
  • The installation of foundation posts
  • The installation of the structurally-approved racking system
  • The installation of the solar modules to their assigned areas and the subsequent serialization of the module serial numbers.
  • The testing and commissioning of all AC and DC cables, PV wiring and module wiring.

IEA takes extreme pride the in the safety, quality and production of their solar projects.  In the past, we have successfully completed up to twenty solar projects at one time.  It is this teamwork that separates IEA from our competitors.

Customized Equipment for the Solar Installations

With over 600 MW of utility-scale solar installations throughout North America, our team has built customized equipment to address the specific needs on solar energy construction sites. Our specially-designed equipment has been made to ensure efficient installations and worker safety.



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