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Our goal is to build a better future for our environment, people, company and community.

IEA is committed to environmental stewardship, social empowerment and corporate governance. In this year's ESG report, we're outlining the various ways our people are working together to ensure a bright future for generations to come.


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Key Accomplishments in 2020


  • Completed 240+ wind and solar projects across 36 states, totaling over 21.5 GW
  • Utilized recycled materials on projects whenever feasible
  • Treated and disposed of over 10 million gallons of contaminated water
  • Closed over 200 acres of landfills


  • Expanded diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Achieved top tier safety metrics including a TRIR of 0.6 and an EMR of 0.58
  • Developed a robust learning management system
  • Established the IEA Women and Minority Scholarship


  • Pledged commitment to preventing forced labor within the wind and solar industries
  • Established a cross-functional ESG leadership team
  • Diversified the board of directors
  • Maintained utmost adherence to company anti-bribery and anti-harassment policies


We’re a people-first company, committed to ethical, safe and inclusive work. Our culture of safety shapes everything we do—and we ensure that every team member has the tools, training, career growth opportunities and open communication they need to be successful on the job.

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Protecting the Environment

Protecting the environment is core to what we do here at IEA. Not only do we actively protect the environment through the construction of renewable energy infrastructure, but we also strive to maximize our sustainability as a company by implementing green practices both in our offices and in the field.

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Acting with Integrity

Through the immense growth that we’ve seen and the reach that we’ve acquired nationally, our reputation as a “family company” remains. To us, “family” doesn’t describe our size or capabilities, it merely reflects how we choose to conduct business and how we treat our employees. Whether it’s the decisions we make in the office or how we execute on a project, we’re proud to be a company that is firmly centered around our core value of integrity.

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Impacting our community

Whether we’re building the infrastructure that will power local homes and businesses, volunteering our time or giving back financially, we are always focused on supporting our community. Our goal isn’t only to be the largest and most reputable construction company in North America, it’s to build long-term relationships with all of the communities where we work.

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Interested in learning more about IEA’s commitment to sustainability? Have questions regarding our ESG Report? Please contact us at