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You can go anywhere and be a number, but here, I’ve had the opportunity of watching and being a part of a growing company where opinions, suggestions, and efforts are appreciated!

Andrea Fitch
Equipment Resource Coordinator | 9 Years of Service

I never feel as if I am on the road while working with the IEA team. IEA gives me that close-knit feeling no matter where I go.

Daniel Day
Site Safety Specialist | 3 Years of Service

I worked with the IEA team for four years and then left to work for a smaller, family-owned company. I found that while IEA is a larger company, nothing compared to the people, IEA’s family-focused atmosphere, and their real respect for my time with my family.  After three years, I rejoined the IEA team and I couldn’t be happier.

Brent Handell
Project Manager | 8 Years of Service

I worked at the company for six years, after which I took another position with an outside company. The hardest thing to let go of during my departure was the family atmosphere and the wonderful employees of IEA. Upon returning, it was a feeling of finally being home after a long journey. The amazing individuals within IEA have been, and always will be, the company’s greatest asset.

Mason Palmer
Director of Electrical Preconstruction | 9 Years of Service


IEA is a leader in energy and heavy civil infrastructure construction.